Monday, July 28, 2008

I dream of a rustic wedding

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I've been thinking a lot about the wedding lately (it all stems from the exciting news that we have actually decided on a place, time and date). Before that, plans were up in the air and ideas were very scattered. I love the idea of a quiet backyard wedding with lots of overgrown trees whose low-slung boughs are home to hundreds of paper lanterns; tables with fresh white linens hold homemade goodies like small cakes, cookies, lemonade and sandwiches; little flickers of candlelight sprinkle the scenery; and the air sparkles with excitement, happiness, and love. The boy would wear a navy pin-stripped suit with black Chuck's. I, the glowing bride, would be a vision in my tea-length dress with tons of tulle, bright teal shoes on my pretty little feet (my something blue), and a bird-cage veil sits upon my glorious short curls.

Of course, there aren't any backyards that I know of here that could contain the woodsy feeling to my dream wedding (even if I do know a backyard that it would perfect it, the miles are so vast that it would make the commute for most of the guests troublesome) so I have to settle for a garden wedding of a different sort entirely

However, I still hold onto my dream of this adorable veil made by Myra Callan.


Bess said...

These pictures look just like Christine's wedding (you remember her? easy-going slim blonde?)! It was oh-so-lovely.

word bird said...

Send some pictures, if you please.