Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help for the confused bride

This latest post (I know, I've already posted twice already! Bear with me) from Snippet & Ink caught my eye: she combines pale pink and French blue--a gorgeous combination! And since we are trying to incorporate a few colors together, this might be just the help we need!

just what I need

Since my priorities are elsewhere and I was heartbroken that I cannot, in good conscience, buy anything from the post below, I contented myself with these little treasures from Urban Outfitters.

I love fall...

...and the lovely fashion it inspires. I know, I know I live in an area of the world where most people think that we just have sunshine and great weather all year long. Nothing ever changes. But I disagree. Anyone who lives here long enough, experiences all the seasons, will note the changes in the air and light that mark the passing of the year.
And when fall comes around, well it's no wonder it's my favorite time of year. Only those who know to look for it can find the changes that mark the passing of summer into fall: the smell of the warm sea breeze has a sharp edge that promises of cooler times to come, the hot air swirls around you like a sweater that's grown too tight but the night comes faster and the stars twinkle brightly saying, "Yes, we're here! We didn't leave you. We only went on holiday while it was hot and sunny and now we're slowly seeping back into the world," the sweet crisp night offers a prelude to the coming showers and rainy days, all around the air rings with laughing boys and girls let out after the last bell rings. The best thing about this time of year and indelibly marks fall in southern California: the sunsets. The broad brush strokes of pink, orange, yellow and red are like no other at any other time of the year. I could spend every night watching the sun set with the Boy.

(photo by moi)

But my favorite part of fall? The fashion. Each year I look forward to the sweaters, coats, scarves, and boots that come along with the turn in the weather (albeit, here, you do have to wait a little longer than the rest of the country for more traditional fall weather). I've missed you fall. I can't wait till the passing Santa Ana winds leave us alone together to resume our love affair. In anticipation and celebration of the lustful reunion, I give you my latest guilty desires courtesy of Anthropologie.

This gorgeous red sweater with cute brown boots that have embellished wildflower appliques on the side are adorable together. I can see wearing them with a pair of black skinny jeans and a cool knit beret. So cute and a little rough at the edges French!

I love this dress. I can see myself wearing to a party (like my birthday?); it's a gorgeous deep plum color and gives great definition in the waist but also short enough to show off my legs (and when you're vertically challenged, height is of the utmost importance in one's clothing choices! Who wants to appear shorter in an outfit?). Pair it with this great freesia headband and it totally makes it a cute party outfit!
I love hats; I do. I didn't use to as they itched and made me feel dorky and kid-like. But in the last few years I've grown accustomed to them, dorkiness be damned. Because, I'll let you in one a little secret, there are some fabulous ones out there! They do in a pinch when your head is cold and sometimes I pull them down low to look mysterious. I love the idea of embellished ones like this atop this lovely navy cardigan with silk chiffon leaves; who could mistake it for any other season than fall?
What's red, black and white? This fun and flirty combination of the white rose scarf and the black crochet lace coat! I dig the play of textures: the soft and fluid red scarf pops on the dark intricate structured lace coat.
And who wouldn't adore this swingy slip dress in pale blue with a gilded overlay? Pair it with gold flats that match the gold at the bust and you've got a sweet date outfit for a special night out with the fellow.

I love the sexy librarian look. In fact, sometimes I wish I were a librarian because I'd wear this lovely dress with some sexy red heels. Imagine what kind of reader response I'd get climbing the ladders to put books back on the shelves.
Last, but not least, an ode to the fading summer glory in this stunning sheath dress--so cute and lady-like. To make it more fall appropriate I'd throw on this fun and retro-vibe coat, some heels and head out the door. Business and lady-like appeal from the outside; fun and youthful frock under. It's the same kind of thrill you get when you know you're wearing fun knickers under your every day clothes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

I did it.

I bought my wedding dress. But not in gold as pictured. It is stunning. I love it....

That is all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

top it off

In the wake of having finally chosen a dress to wear, it sparks the imagination as to all the possibilities for head ware. I know, I know, I could go for the more traditional route and pick a veil to wear. It's what the Boy would expect. But more out of the sheer fact that he has no idea that there is anything else out there.

The first time I went to try on wedding gowns, my future mother-in-law was part of my party. I had the hardest time with that shopping day, mostly because I just could not feel like myself in any of the dresses. And when I mentioned possible alternates to veils, she looked incredulous. Is it such a scandal to wear something besides a veil to one's own wedding? Mind you, like her son, she had no idea what a birdcage veil was suppose to look like nor did she imagine the possibilities one could do with one's hair without a veil. All in all, it was easy to see why I didn't end up buying my dress from that first place; It was hard to picture myself getting married in any of them, and what's worse: they all were the type of gowns that you just had to wear a veil with. Anything less would seem out of sync.

However, my dress (how delicious sounding that is) opens up the possibilities beyond a tulle-covered head. Not that I have anything against veils, mind you. I love that the perfect one can create a mysterious aura--you can use it to hide your identity or just give yourself an allure that screams out "I'm the Bride-to-Be!" And I have to admit, I got a little thrill when I tried on some veils with some of the dresses. What girl wouldn't?

But I think, in the end, I'm not really a veil kind of gal. It's fun and all but it seems a little fussier than I'd like. I can see myself getting caught in a door (see image of me, all dressed up, walking away and suddenly flying backwards and smacking my head--and said veil--into the door frame; it's more possible than you realize), getting it caught on something (fuzzies and tears courtesy of my ring or my fingernails) or just plain getting in the way (the wind blows and the veils gets all caught on my lip gloss--what a gooey mess!; it hinders my vision and I trip and fall and there is a trip to the hospital rather than down the aisle; the veil gets caught in some gorgeously lit candles I have on the tables and I go up in a ball of fire--it can happen!). I am far too clumsy for a veil.
So, borrowing more than a little inspiration from Style My Pretty, I give you the alternatives to the veil (and they are all far more me, just like my dress).

Could you just devour this frenzy of feathers? It's such a stunning piece that would be just gorgeous and practical for a summer wedding.
(image from Brides.com)

These are from an etsy seller (did I mention that I just adore etsy for all the crafty wedding related ephemera?) Really pretty and unique (and hey, she's in San Diego as maybe I can get a customized hair piece!)
I love the lightness of this one.

(images by Sweets n Lo)

Who wouldn't love a hat on their wedding day? There's something to be said about English traditions.

(images from Melody)
Gorgeous, no?
So fun and vintagey!
A little something so fun and girly! I'd probably never wear this to my wedding but what a cute piece to have and wear for special occasions (say a rehearsal?)

(images by Satanica)

(image by Tijusai)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The dresses that weren't

I did it! I did it!
I said that I would do it, and indeed I did.
I thought that I would rue it; I doubted I'd do it.
But now I must admit it that succeed I did.

'scuse the misappropriation of some classic "My Fair Lady" lyrics but I think it goes with the mood I'm in. Here's the exciting news I've been bursting to tell everyone: I think I did. I think I found my dress! Yes, The Dress (why oh why does one tiny frock demand capitalization?).

To honor the dress that weren't (for various reasons) and to pay homage to one Miss Peony, from Peonies and Polaroids, and her fantastic fashion sense, I give you the dresses that weren't and what I've learned from them.

This is the dress that taught me maybe Mom does know best (in the best translated version, my mum called this dress slightly pornish due to some major revealing skin in front and back)...

This dress taught me I do love sweetheart necklines but not mermaid dresses...
This dress taught me the importance of photographs--though I loved the vintage feel of the fabric, horrible lighting and bland pictures made me rethink if The Dress could only look good in person and nowhere else...
This dress made me realize that a halter top does wonders for the bust line... This dress taught me that while I love clean and simple lines, they do not always look good on me...
This dress taught me to always try on dresses because they can hit you at the wrong angle...
This dress taught me what looks good in photos doesn't necessarily translate in real life...
This dress taught me to stick to me guns and not give into a dress just because everyone else loved it...This dress made me rethink the bubble hem and sash combo (I really did love this dress on)...
This dress made me realize drama should be proportional to the size of the gal...

This dress made me rethink shimmer and princess cuts... This dress taught me that settling for second best is still settling...
This dress taught me that sometimes my gut reaction is the best reaction (trying on a Cinderella type dress may be fun but not for me; besides, this thing weighed a ton!)...
And this dress I love enough to go back this weekend to try on one more time. I think I love it enough to buy. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I'll be a gal with her wedding dress.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fabulous Fashion

(image from The It Lists)

Every girl needs something that makes her feel fab...and this would make me feel FAB-U-LOUS (and pronounced just like that with attitude and snapping fingers). Isn't this a darling coat? It's not just red, it's vermilion. It's fun and girl (the lining has lace) but practical and stylish (it has a high neck). What girl wouldn't feel special in this coat? I want this coat. I want to throw it on and feel like Audrey Hepburn strolling the streets of Paris. Why does Chulo Pony make gorgeous clothes that I can't afford? I think I have to save up and wait for this to go on sale (like on clearance!)

Red Chulo Pony coat: you taunt and tease me and I come back for more.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I dream of red shoes

Gawd, I love a red shoe. You could say I'm obsessed with them. There is something slightly naughty about them that is cute when worn as a flat but turns any woman into a sexy goddess when worn at the highest of heights. Three cheers for red shoes!

(Michael Kors)

(shoes from Nordstrom)

(images from Snippet & Ink)

But I can't fault shoes in other hues that are fun and offer a bit of whimsy like these:
(image from Snippet & Ink)

(image from Lolita*Pop)
Aren't these shoes darling? I adore them. I covet them. I wish they were mine.

(image from os to)
I love silver shoes; they're fun. I own many pairs.