Friday, October 1, 2010

Buillied into it

I've gone and done it: I listed my first items on my etsy site. It's actually kinda intimidating. I mean, what if no one likes it? *sigh* I think I would cry.

But The Boy tells me people have to love it since he loves it so much (I think he's biased myself). But I've been making these sorts of things on and off for the last year, experimenting with various techniques and scenes. I've been giving them away as gifts and those people seem to like it. That is encouraging. So after much debate, I gave in and opened a store...and then left it empty for awhile.

It took a few more weeks for me to get up the courage to actually post anything for sale. But then we went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago. The Boy asked me to make a shadow box papercut illustration for the couple as sort of a "card" based on the magnet they sent out as a Save the Date. I obliged but was nervous as I did not know them very well.

The card was made and presented at a very gorgeous (although hot) wedding. And then nothing until they came to visit The Boy at his work and proceeded to gush about the "card." It made me blush a little to think that this couple, who were virtually strangers to me, actually liked the illustration so much! And there you go: the boost to kick me in the pants and start listing things to sell. Maybe someone else would want to have one made for themselves? Anyone?

Custom Papercut Illustration (3D)
(My kick in the pants)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Bend in the Road

My poor neglected blog. I had promised to write about the wedding and what all has been going on in my life since that big day...but I forgot. Well, actually, life just got busy and new projects arose and well, my blog was left at the wayside.

But I'm back. And hopefully, for good!

News: it's been over a year since I last spoke (which means, since The Boy and I were hitched!) and life has been rather blissful for the most part. Marriage hasn't changed us much, only made life much richer and happier.

What other news? I've been in the middle of changing professions in my real life so that has consumed a lot of my "free" time. It's rather thrilling but a daunting task to completely change everything. For more about that, see my other little blog. It's all about the difficulties in trying to become a freelancer in the publishing industry.

And...this blog is about to have it's own changes too! Already, I've updated the look of the blog but now that the wedding that was, well, was, it's time to figure out what this blog will be about. So, since I have another pet project going, I figured this would chronicle that since it served to record my wild thoughts pre-wedding.

And this is where I let you in on a wee secret of mine: I've opened an etsy site! Yup, I have a store. (Find me here!) For now, I have just opened the place but have yet to fill it with all sorts of things I hope people like. Here's the scoop of what it should include (and therefore, what this blog o' mine will be about): all things paper. By that I mean, handmade cards and postcards, photos, drawings and sketches, prints, and papercut art. The last bit is what I'm most nervous about. I don't really get my art out very much but I may be brave enough now to show it to you and to others.

So whaddya say? Visit me? Let's see how this whole thing will go.