Saturday, December 13, 2008

food and fun is a wonderful combination

We had a tasting with a prospective caterer last weekend and now we're in the "We like them but are we ready to commit" phase of the relationship. I'm telling you people: finding the guy is the easy part; planning all this craziness to celebrate the idea of us staying together for the rest of our lives is a massive headache. When can I move onto the funner aspects of DIY projects?
For those of you lucky enough to attend the nuptials, if we go with them (which we probably will because the Boy is far more decisive than I) your bellies will be very happy. Mine was. Even the Boy's dad and he is not into "exotic" foods. We're all very excited by that bit of new as he was the one we were most worried about.

But because these last few entries have been rather humbug in nature, I leave you with pictures from The Image is Found; I hope my wedding is this fun!

Is the little girl below just too cute fo words? She almost makes me want to rethink actually including small fry at the wedding. Almost.

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