Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Do List: November Edition

To Do:

1. Call caterers and make appointments to meet them in person.
2. Follow through and actually go taste good food (I hope!).
3. Show the Boy the prospective photographers. Convince him to decide on one and call.
4. Meet with said photographer and (hopefully) book him/her/them (I do so enjoy husband and wife duos).
5. Once we decide on a caterer, spring my gigantic list of party rentals companies for the wedding. Ok, so it's not really gigantic only my hand kinda cramped up with writing little lists of all that we need (really, do we need to feed you folks who are coming to the wedding? Will you be happy just to use the same plate, silverware and glass for any and all courses? Pretty please say yes. I'd love you even more.)
6. Show the Boy the list I've compiled for tentative play lists for songs to rock to at the wedding. Since we're on a budget, we've decide to opt for the low-tech DJ: one of our ipods connected to a laptop connected to some speakers. Yeah, we've got to play with the whole technical aspects of it but seeing as we'd like creative control over the music choices, and we're really not big on dancing anyways--though I expect our guests to boogie at the reception--it made the most sense. See what songs he'd like.
7. Work on invitations. Since I've got a general idea of what it is I want to do, keep on sketching ideas and see what happens.
8. That being said, figure out what sort of Save the Date cards to send out. I'm thinking something a little more for the Boy as I've sorta hijacked the wedding planning and turned it a little girlier than what we originally pictured it to be (modern, cool, fresh pops of color).
9. Shop for wedding shoes. Gee, that's not really a task, is it?
10. Go with bridesmaids and pick out dresses that suit each gal's figure and style. Opting for non-traditional look of matching maids. I don't really care for the look and I think since we're having a wedding that fits us, the dresses should fit the personalities of the Maids.
11. Decide what to do with my mad hair. Am I cutting it? Sticking with the whole growing out my hair thing? Getting cute fun bangs? What to do, what to do. Opinions?

And that, ladies and gents, is on my Wedding-Related To Do List for the rest of the month. Let's not even get started on the list for the rest of my life.

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