Sunday, March 22, 2009

please don't judge me by the books I love

I preface this post with a statement that may or may not turn you off to this blog completely (all two of you who read it): I love Twilight. Yes, I know there are things about it that should turn me off and my feminist self is sometimes repulsed by how much I adore the character of Edward. But I'm a sucker for stupid vampire love stories and for that, I hang my head in shame (that's for you, Jenn! Sorry. You still love me, right?)

Anyways, if you haven't seen the movie then you probably won't understand the next part of this post. I saw it with giggly bridesmaid and well, I just about fell in love with the sweater Bella Swan wears at the end of the movie during the prom scene as seen here:

(image by TwilgHt)

I love the soft look of the little shrug she is wearing over the blue dress (which, incidentally, is a very close match in color to the bridesmaids' dresses). There is some pretty beading of white and blue flowers along the edge of the shrug which gives it a lovely vintage look (plus what a fantastic way to include the whole "something blue" idea). So ever since giggly bridesmaid dragged me to the movie and thereby dooming me to love the Twilight series, I have become obsessed with the idea of finding this sweater (or a pretty close simulation of it) to wear at my own wedding. Though it's a summer wedding, the reception is at night and being held close to the bay where the wind does chill even in July.
So I browsing etsy for the millionth time today (really, it is a bad habit but thank goodness I've been pretty self-controlled when it comes to spending money frivolously as I've got a nice case of don't-buy-it-unless-it's-necessary-for-the-wedding guilt these days), when I came across a number of contenders for wedding shrug/sweater:
I came across this little beauty when I was first shopping at etsy. It's a little scalloped lace shrug that screams out vintage gorgeousness. I fell in love on the spot. But after buying my Dress, this no longer was an option as the two did not play together well. I needed something that played nicely with a garden feel.
(shrug by Rohm)
The next little pretty thing I found was all fluff and airiness; I was smitten. My heart still skips a beat when I see it. But somehow I think it won't do as the ruffles are a little much for my dress and would compete with it. If I had picked a simpler dress (maybe the one I thought about going with) this added details would've been just the thing to make the wedding outfit pop! But the two combined, it becomes busy.

(silk organza ruffle jacket by the English Department)
And then I went shopping with giggly bridesmaids and a few other friends this past week and stumbled across this while out on the town with the girls:

(capelet by Anthropologie)
I just adored the yellow trim and it really looks like it could keep me warm from the bay winds. I'm not sure whether or not it goes with the Dress but it is simple enough that it might. I am hopeful.
And then there's this last discovery which has completely won by heart. It has all the qualities I was looking for: vintage, beading, and warm! Plus out of all the other possibilities, this fits most with the Bella Swan sweater I longed for. Is it wrong that I want this based on a movie--let alone a teen movie? I feel a little ashamed by the thought but nonetheless, I adore this shrug. It is so very sweet and would go great with my dress.
(shrug by Breathless)
What do you think? Should I go ahead and buy it?


Mae said...

It's like it...GO FOR IT! If you hadn't said what it was, most people wouldn't even know. ;o) It can be your giggly little secret. I like to wear crazy-patterned underwear. No one knows but me. It helps me through the day sometimes, as my giggly little secret. And if it coordinates with my bra, watch out!

Robin said...

I agree, go for it! :-D

Jennifer said...

I knew you would love "Twilight". I still have refused to read the book or see the movies. Not that I don't fancy Robert Pattinson. Dear Lord, has God ever made a more beautiful creature? I have to take a cold shower now.

Oh, and I love the shrugs!!