Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is where we are getting married. Isn't it gorgeous?
It's inside this garden located in this bigger garden that is one of my favorite places in town. It's the smaller of two spots one can have the ceremony in (there is a bigger location just around the other side of the garden but in my opinion, it's not nearly as picturesque). Thankfully we are having a smallish wedding and I, for one, am thankful that we'll only be surrounded by our closest friends and family.
With that bring said, I have several problems to pose to you faithful readers:
1) How do I arrange the seating in his pergola area? We're allowed to use the benches as part of the seating and we'll rent chairs for the rest but there are big beams running through the middle of the space. Do we face forward towards the pond and just place seating on either side of the beams with a mini aisle running through the middle or should we turn the entire thing around and have the guests face the little deck just off to the side at the left? Either way, it will be slightly awkward. I am leabing towards the pond view only because it would be the prettiest view.
(By the way, can you see the MOH? That's her, half hidden behind one of the beams; she's a peach.)

2) What kind of decorations should we go with? I am thinking very minimal decor as I wanted to let the natural beauty of the place shine. It's all overgrown and green and right now the whole place is blooming. There are cherry blossoms bursting from every visible space in the gardens (oh how I wish they would still be in bloom at wedding time!)
Above our heads also hangs wisteria in bunches. I'm not sure how they'll last in the sumemr heat but I also hope they hang on till then.
What do you think? Should I leave it alone like I think I should and just place the seating out? Or should I try to decorate the beams or something? I kinda like them bare myself but I'd like your opinions on it.

And psst, what do you think of this view for marching down the aisle? It makes me feel like throwing on my wedding dress and having a strut up and down for real.

With less than our months away, we have so much to do and decide on. But you know what? I'm excited. I can't wait for the party to be over with and to start this new adventure in married life.
(All pictures by me)

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