Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 months to go...

Sorry it's so long between posts dear faithful readers (are you still out there?) but really, between our harried schedules and some medical issues, it's been quite a busy few weeks for the two of us.

Somehow, between doctor's appointments, work and family obligations, we have actually managed to get a few things off our check list.

1. Finalized the guest list! At first the numbers started out on the smaller side then ballooned an extra 20 people! We've finally settled ourselves and fought off the urge to invite anyone and everyone and find ourselves in a cozy low number that best evokes the intimate feel we're hoping for the wedding.

2. The men are styling. At least the men in the wedding party. The Boy and I talked it over and decided that a suit best fist our nice relaxed wedding rather than something more formal like a tux. He had contemplated tuxes for awhile, liking the traditional aspect of it; he liked it so much so that I agreed to go tux rental shopping with him. Two hours later, we found ourselves with our heads in suits of every shade imaginable. The Boy tried on a few jackets for me and I liked how they all fit but as we were leaving the store, I happened upon a charcoal number that I had him try on as a whim. Low and behold, my Boy was transformed into someone else...a groom. I suddenly had visions of how he would look on the day we got married and it took my breath away. I told him he had to get it because that was his suit. Isn't it funny to have the "I know this is it" moment with something other than my Dress (and the fellow, of course)?

3. Invitations are being sent out this week. After much time and such a labour of love (really, I'm quite proud of them), they're going out into the world this week. Pictures of them when they're all done.

4. Bridal accessories are all checked off. I've got the Dress, my veil, shoes and even the things unseen. It's nice to know how I'll look in a few months.

5. On that same note, I've got my makeup lined up as well.

6. And next week, we're doing the engagement pictures. Stay tuned to hear how that goes!


Mae said...

I just sighed all through this post.

Devan said...

Woo hoo! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Misti said...

Exciting stuff! :)

lemondewdrop said...

Yay, it's sooon! Best wishes for a fantastic day! :D
-Forum Heather