Thursday, April 23, 2009

all things floral

Hello duckies!

The long-promised post about wedding flowers! I mentioned awhile back that I had finally decided on concrete images for the types of flowers I want to use at the wedding as well as the arrangements. After the Maid of Honor and I browsed our local wholesale flower shop (and Costco and a few other shops) we came up with a few ideas of hardy flowers that would be in season and would stand up in the weather.

1) Kangaroo Paws

(image from miss_armour)

You've seen before. I used it in a previous post where I had some musings about flowers I was considering. Surprisingly, they remain in the updated vision. (Is it really that surprising when they are free? Thank you good friends!) Though I want to still use the kangaroo paws, I'll probably only have them on side tables like the ones for the guest book. It's really such an architectural plant and had we decided to still have the reception at the original venue, it would hold up nicely against the more modern and clean lines of the Zen garden. However, with the garden turning into a backyard garden, it's not really the lush romantic feel I'm looking for. I think it would be an interesting detail in some rooms (bathrooms? front entryway? kitchen?) in some tall vases, but the look would be a little on the sparse side because the branches are so very interesting on their own.

2) Pink Hydrangeas, White Roses and Greens

(image from ... ? If you know it, send me a message and I'll credit you)

This is my favorite of the centerpieces I've got filed away on the computer. It really goes well with the pink part of the color scheme (though, technically, we have no official "colors" for the wedding) plus I could probably throw in some peach as well (a concession to the orange requested by the Boy; does peach count as orange?). Sprays of hydrangeas, maybe creamy roses and difference plants in greens; it's full, low to the table, completely romantic and airy and at home in a garden reception. I plan to surround the centerpieces with candle votives (who doesn't love the glow of candlelight?).

I am torn by the next two images. I want to use at least one of the ideas on a few different tables.

3. Hydrangeas in Vials

(image by mellow_stuff)

The first idea is to gather a trio of vials and fill each with a single branch of hydrangeas (I don't know why but I've recently grown to really like the look of them for the wedding). I don't know if I'll get vials but I like the idea of using very few flowers that add a lot of punch.

4) Hydrangeas in Clear Glass Vase

(image by adam_binsz)

Same flowers, fewer containers. This appeals to me as I don't know what I'll do with all the vases and bottles and other assorted containers after the wedding. The fewer we have left over, the better but I can't seem to sacrifice the vision for practicality.

5) Tulips and Sprays

(image by snippet & ink)

Actually, I probably wouldn't go with tulips for the wedding even though they are my favorite flowers (in red, please!). I think they'd wilt in the summer sun and there is nothing sadder than a wilted tulip. I don't want any sadness at the wedding so I have actually banished my favorite poesy in favor of hardier ones like roses (this could work with a few of the glasses containing sprays and sprigs of --dare I say it... baby's breath!). I liked this scene so much I have enlisted a few friends to start collecting bottles and jars and all sorts of colored glass. I can recycle after the wedding.

6) Sweet Peas

(image by Blondie's Highlights)

I like the pop of the blue in the vase (plus love the fractured glass look as well) and I'd probably combine the last two images into a single vision. I'd have a collection of 3 to 5 vases/containers with the stronger coloring of this photo. I've never actually seen a sweet pea in real life but I googled it and they are actually really pretty. if I used sweet peas (which the MOH has suggested I also use some in my bouquet) it would be a really sentimental gesture as the future MIL actually refers to me often as Sweet Pea.

You'll notice that I said I'd be choosing a few of these options (if not all) for the different tables. Does this mean I have an attention span problem? Probably. But I like the charm of different tables offering different delicacies for the eye to devour; and who says you can't do it yourself on a budget? One just has to be a little creative and be a tad bit neurotic.

Enough about the centerpieces though, onward march towards the inspiration for the bouquet!

I love this bouquet. It has pink ranunculus, some roses and berries. Since peonies will not be in season for the wedding and anemones were a little too modern for the style we're going with, I thought ranunculus were the perfect choice for the bouquet (maybe in the vases too). I like the gardeny feel of it.

(image by orawrat)

For the bottom of the bouquet (where you hold it), I wanted to wrap it with typewriter keys and all! Since I won't get my books as part of the decor (did I mention I got my masters in English Lit?), I figure it would be a nice nod to my love of all things literary. (image from weddingbee's Mrs. Lovebug)

Do you know what I learned from this? While I loved flowers at home, I didn't originally think I'd use them much in our decoration because I thought, wouldn't this be a great way to save some money? I can decorate with plants and fruits and books. *sigh* I love books. But now it seems like there are flowers everywhere, even at the ceremony site (granted, we aren't providing that). In the end, we're going with what we love and while money is an important consideration, there are more ways than one to achieve that all-star wedding look that still somehow retains that charm that is our love.


Chad, Tarah, Maeve & Rowan said...

You could always have your wedding guests take the floral arrangements home with them...just a thought. I love the cracked glass look too. All of the arrangements you've chosen are beautiful! So excited!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I love the picture of the tulips in the bottles, gorgeous! But they're all gorgeous, oh how I love flowers!

And I'd never heard of kangaroo paws but now I want them. Just for the name, too cute.

wordbird said...

That's exactly my sentiments with the kangaroo paws, Peony. I'm easily amused.