Tuesday, October 21, 2008

around the bend

I have been feeling rather uninspired lately (it probably doesn't help that I've been under the weather the past two weeks as well) so I'm sorry I've sadly neglected my blog. Not that I think there are many readers but cest la vie. I suppose this blog is for my own sake rather than anyone else. It'll be something nice to reread once all this wedding business has settled down a bit.

So not a real entry but here are a few shots from the last time we visited our wedding venue. I still love it.

This is the lovely view our guests will be treated to when they enter the garden. I love Japanese maples; they're so dark and alluring. I haven't decided whether I'll be walking down this winding road or another. But I do love bends in the road and the fact that I won't be fully revealed all at once to my guests keeps this as a possibility. It keeps the suspense going a little longer.

We'll be getting hitched under this beautiful pergola. I don't think it'll need much decorating because it has lovely green vines that have twisted and wound all around it. I like the idea of leaving it as it is and letting the natural beauty of the shady greens and the tinkling sounds of the waterfall and splashing koi fish behind us enchant our guests. It'll be the perfect backdrop to the casual and uncluttered ceremony we're planning on.

A view from behind. Perhaps what I'll be seeing if I decide to enter the ceremony from this direction instead. We've been allowed the use of the building in the back so perhaps my bridesmaids and I will dress there and come out from there. It'd be an interesting walk in heels.

I'm thinking about using this area for the guest book table. It's a neat little path that leads from the ceremony site to the reception. Behind the bamboo wall lies more bonsai treats for nature lovers. Maybe tall stark kangaroo paws arranged in a simple tall vase would blend nicely in the Asian Zen feeling of the gardens. Where oh where will my birds belong?

The Boy didn't know I was taking pictures of him but I was thrilled by the reception site. It's a lovely curved open space that hugs the other side of the building (the one that you could see from the koi pond). Can't you imagine strings of paper lanterns and yards and yards of floaty material strung from the tops? Dance floor for those who want to dance and maybe the sweetheart table in front of the ceremonial gates. Only, I'd like our friends and family to be close by too. We'll have to work on those seating arrangements. But the place: isn't there such scope for the imagination?

Blue skies and shady bamboo groves: Asian influence without even trying. How's that for incorporating cultures?


Robin said...

This is so beautiful!! Your pictures are going to be stunning. :-D

wordbird said...

Thanks so much. This garden is nestled in my favorite patch of green earth in town and it happens to do the trick of blending Asian elegance with the Boy's more modern tastes. So even though it's not the English garden feel I'd really love (but where oh where does one find an English garden in the States?), I do love the beauty. The fact that it's private is also a plus but ugh, I loathe to think about the horrible parking situation.

Devan said...

I used to come here at least once a week for lunch when I worked in the park. It's so quiet and beautiful. The tourists tend to stay away from that area of the park, which helps with the peacefulness.