Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flora and Fauna

I think it's high time I get to talking about some of the flowers I've come to love and want to incorporate into the wedding. Since we're on a budget and I'd love to do as much as possible myself (yes, I'm a DIY Bride), I've been trying to come up with cost effective yet gorgeous ideas for floral arrangements.
These, so far, have come to the top of the list in being cost-friendly, (fairly) easily procured, and not at all a monster of a task days before the wedding to set up. To top it off, I think they'd blend nicely with the Asian garden venue of our wedding as well as my style sensibilities.

1) Kangaroo Paws
Over the Labour Day weekend, my best friend (and Maid of Honor) came home for a short visit. While visiting her at her parents house, I found myself entranced by these strange yet beautiful branches of reds, oranges and greens nestled in corners all over their stylish home. I asked said BF what in the heck they were and hence the discovery of kangaroo paws! Look closely and they really do look like tiny little baby kangaroo paws (so aptly named). You wouldn't think we were the mature ladies we claimed to be with all the running around the kitchen with little blossoms pretending to be kangaroos looking for their lost paws we did. But I think that is the mark of a good friend, one who cherishes the ability to be at once mature and responsible and able to melt into childish peals of glee upon the discovery of a charming new toy. I hope our guests find the same ghoulish delight in playing with them as we did.

MOH's mother cut off some branches from the bushes growing in their backyard and I got many weeks of pleasure in looking at them.

(pictures by me)

I was thinking of putting them in light blue vases like these that show off their simple and architectural beauty.

(image from miss_armour)

2) Chinese Lanterns
Many years ago when the best friend and I decided to study abroad in jolly old England (very early in mine and the Boy's relationship), we happen on this exquisitely charming little plant in a Nottingham garden. Thanks to our British friends, I found these tiny darlings and have since longed to have a bush planted in my yard (not at all feasible at the moment).
Don't you just love the pops of red, orange and green (hmmm, I just now realize they had this in common with the kangaroo paws). They're so cute and Asian via the British Isles. I think they'd be fantastic in nice old urns like this picture below or in taller vintage teapots (the more rust the better!). I wonder if they're available in the States (I've never seen them); I may have to hunt them down and try my hand at growing them if not readily available in plant form.

(image from birdfarm)

How's about this lovely image. I like the idea of putting some lantern flowers in blue bowls. It add some visual interest combined with the height in some of the other arrangements I've been envisioning.

(Image from looseends)

And where oh where could I find these? Anybody know?

(image from OiMax)

3) Cherry Blossoms
I have always loved these trees. They make me smile and I'm ever so glad that the garden has cherry blossom trees. And I believe they'll be in bloom around the time of the wedding. So as a nod to that (and my long-lasting devotion to the girly delicate flowers), I think I'd like a branch of cherry blossoms in a simple vase to adorn the guest book table.


devan said...

The kangaroo paws both are adorable and free! And, they are Anthony's color. I think they are the perfect solution.

wordbird said...

Who says incorporating orange into a wedding is hard? Oh wait, that was me.

Heather said...

There's a place that sells something like those near me: