Monday, February 9, 2009

Paper Nightmares

I am annoyed with Walmart. Yes, I said it and I don't care who knows it.

Here's the story:
We are DIYing as much of the wedding as we can. I think it will add a cute and personal touch to the festivities (and being cost effective does help matters too).
Part of my quest to be DIY Bride is to make all the paper products for our wedding, including handmade invitations and Save the Date cards (pictures and stories about the invitations in another post). I was browsing some fantastic blogs when I first started this blog and came across a wonderful one called my polaroid blog; it's so fun and cute! You guys should check it out. She helped revive my love for old school polaroids (I am still on a quest for a polaroid camera; any one got one for sale?) If you scroll down her page, on the right hand side are cute pictures she has taken of people holding signs as her way to mark the day (there's a really cute hand drawn clock as well). Instantaneously, I got a flash in my brain (you know, the *flash* like Emily Starr has; points to you if you know the reference) and our Save the Date cards were born.
Basically, the Boy and I (with the help of his mother) took very silly pictures with us holding up signs of our wedding date; four to be exact. So in each panel, we are holding a card with the day of the week, the month, the date and the year (in that order). Cute, right? And so simple. I then planned to use my printer to print some cute save the date message on the reverse side and voile, a cute postcard!
So the giggly bridesmaid and I (yes, the very same one as the previous post only she wasn't as giggly today but moony over her new gorgeous haircut she got earlier today), waltz into our local Walmart with the silly notion that we would be able to print these pictures out in relative ease.
We were wrong.
Now the actual setting up for printing wasn't hard. I just popped by SD card into the kiosk and a couple of taps here and there to crop and sepia it and there it was. Now the reason I decided to get them printed out at Walmart was that their kiosks have this handy little feature where you can print out four pictures onto one 4x6 (I don't know if other photo places do it but I was sure Walmart did it because I have used it before). Easy peasy, right?
I printed out one copy to make sure it all turned out right (it is cute!) and then turned my attention to print out the rest. I hand tapped in all 100 print outs (that means I tapped the screen over 400 times people), hit the print button and it all should've gone smoothly and we should've been out there in under 20 minutes. The allotted time went by. Still no photos. We walked around a bit and came back to check on it. Nothing. Walked around some more. Nothing. Asked one of the photo attendants to check it out for us; she did and said we just had to be patient since we were printing out so many pictures. We shopped some more (I think I ended up with some many things in my cart out of sheer boredom). In the end, after almost an hour, we came back and there was still no photos to be seen dispensing.
I had had it. Really, I was fed up. And a little pissy.
Giggly bridesmaid was no longer giggly. Or moony. Or any feelings that could be construed of as happy.
In the end, I had to cancel the order altogether as I was not in the mood to wait another hour (or however long it would've taken to finally print). So we went into Walmart with the intentions of making my Save the Date cards; I came out with Valentine junk.

Curses on you, Walmart.

The Save the Date cards saga continues version, Target?

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Heather said...

Sky from Ingleside here. . .

Ack, it must have been very frustrating to go through all that and not have your stuff. :S Would doing smaller batches (like 25) be easier?

I think it's great and amazing that you're doing all this though. Sending you positive DIY thoughts!