Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a wind of change

It seems like after the first rush of wedding planning (especially if you've got some down time between the enagagement and the actual wedding) there comes this period where nothing happens. At least in my case this is what happened.

More than that, I couldn't stand anything wedding related. The shows I loved to watch so much (you know, like "Bridezilla," "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?", "Rich Bride, Poor Bride", etc.) was like this constnt pinprick to my conscience.

Why you ask? It all boils down to this: money.

Basically, I couldn't justify to myself why we were spending all this money on one day when what was really important to us was sharing this special day with our friends and family. We knew that they didn't expect anything from us and for that, we are thankful. However the Martha Stewart in me (and maybe a slight case of too much oogling wedding blogs and other people's weddings) brought out the comptetative side in me.

However, with much deliberation, the Boy and I decided to scale down our wedding. We're much relieved by this news. It made me excited to plan the wedding again. And with the wedding less than 5 months away, I need to get excited again.

To save on costs, we decided to only hold the ceremony at the Garden we had booked for both the ceremony and reception (and cocktail hour). While we love that site and it is gorgeous, there was a lot of extra expenses we didn't anticipate when we first booked it. Luckily, because we're having our wedding on a Sunday, they were gracious enough to let us scale back to just a ceremony.

My best friend's (and Maid of Honor) parents were also generous enough to offer their home as our reception site. They have a fabulous deck and gorgeous garden and patio; this ended up being the best mistake we ever made. It feel more like us with this change in plans. Plus, with a view from their home, you can see all the beach/bay view that we in Southern California are so luck to have. And additional bonus with our summer wedding is that we will actually get to have fireworks at the wedding! Fireworks are illegal in California but from the home you have a great view of SeaWorld; all summer long, SeaWorld puts on firework shows so that means there will be fun firework at my wedding!

This home also has a very special meaning to our relationship (this was the spot when the Boy first told me he loved me) so it is perfect for celebrating our nuptuialsl.

Other updates:
- We found a photographer we liked and we've booked them. We are schedule to do engagement pictures in April (though I feel a little silly as we've been engaged for over a year now).

- We're having a good old fashioned BBQ for the reception (catered) plus tons of homemade goodies and a touch of Asian exotic foods.

- I'm thinking of having my mom wear a traditional Thai dress as her dress. I've been looking into some other traditional elements of a Thai wedding ceremony and I am hoping to include more than I orignally thought I would. There would be something sweet about it and I feel like it would also be very me.

- Mason jars. Anyone got some they want to give to me? I want to give each guest a mason jar to drink some fine lemonade/pink lemonade/iced tea from.

(image from Style Me Pretty)

- I made our Save the Date cards; they're cute. (I'll post on that later.)

- I also want to make out invitations; I have several mock ups but I think it would be easiest if I had a gocco machine. Anyone got one for sale?

- Bridesmaid dresses were supposed to be untraditional; several ideas later and 5 months to go, we're going traditional.

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