Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wedding That Could've Been

I already posted once today but I came across this while browsing around and I just HAD to share.

(all images by kiss the groom)

Isn't this the most delicious wedding idea you ever did see? If I could've talked the Boy into this, I would've. What girl wouldn't love to have a fairy inspired wedding? It's so romantic and woodsy yet warm and magical.

Couldn't you imagine carrying this handmade bouquet to an altar of flowers and nature shining down on you as you say your vows of devotion and love?

How about trusting your wedding bands in a little box lined with moss? This is perfect with the blue lining on top, like the sky acting like a canopy over the wedding.

I'd love to raise a toast to the Mr. and all our friends and family for celebrating with us with a moss and leaf covered confection like this goblet. It seems like it grew out of the roots of a tree near a babbling brook and that one only need to pick it up, dip it into the tangy clear water and drink to health and happiness.

I love these as coasters. Or booster seats for yours truly.

I love all the sweet touches.

Oh Boy, wouldn't you like to have a woodsy and magical fairy wedding?

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