Friday, August 1, 2008

Flights of Fancy

I love our wedding venue. It's simply delicious and stunning in that subdued sort of way. (Like us?) The first time we walked through it on our own, we were both floored; I think I cried a little. The boy did not understand why even though he thought it the perfect spot to get married. There is something about it that creatively fuses together the simple garden wedding of my dreams with a nod to my heritage, casualness of being set in my favorite spot in town with a serenity you'd be hard pressed to find in the middle of the city. Can you blame us that we compared every other option to love at first sight? In the end, we took the boy's mom out to see the site and she, like us, was floored with the beauty. I hope our guests are too. We'll try not to overdo the decorations and let the beauty of the place speak for itself.

In the spirit, I've compiled together a inspiration board filled with just the tiniest fragment of things that we (and by we, I mean mostly me, but trying to keep the boy in mind--he does, in fact have a say so in the plans) are hoping to incorporate in the wedding itself. Some pictures we're taken by yours truly but others were found on the fabulous site, theknot, at the wedding shop on etsy, or the truly talented Ann Wood. In fact, the last in line actually inspired much of my wedding (as well as revitalized my own creative juices); I adore her. She's wonderful. If you haven't already done so, check her out because you'll just fall out of your seat with pure delight and plenty of oh-my-gosh-that's-so-cute moments.

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