Sunday, August 31, 2008

what goes on cakes?

Other than a spoon-sized chunk out of it by the Boy? For me, it's all about the look of the cake and that includes the cake topper. I am still undecided as to use one or let the cake be the design but in the meanwhile, I fell in love with Ann Wood's caketoppers (which actually has served as inspiration for the bird-filled wedding). I love these bride and groom birds; she makes them from vintage fabrics and each one is unique.
I love the glamourous ones (these have a Great Gatsby feel to them).

This one has the feel of a chic garden wedding.

And I can't help but love these paper mache birds; the print on them makes them so very appropriate for a girl who loves birds, books and words.

(all images from Ann Wood)

And just to get out of the bird theme, how's this for a quirky take on Asian hints to the wedding?

(image from Teeny Beak Creations)

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