Thursday, September 25, 2008

top it off

In the wake of having finally chosen a dress to wear, it sparks the imagination as to all the possibilities for head ware. I know, I know, I could go for the more traditional route and pick a veil to wear. It's what the Boy would expect. But more out of the sheer fact that he has no idea that there is anything else out there.

The first time I went to try on wedding gowns, my future mother-in-law was part of my party. I had the hardest time with that shopping day, mostly because I just could not feel like myself in any of the dresses. And when I mentioned possible alternates to veils, she looked incredulous. Is it such a scandal to wear something besides a veil to one's own wedding? Mind you, like her son, she had no idea what a birdcage veil was suppose to look like nor did she imagine the possibilities one could do with one's hair without a veil. All in all, it was easy to see why I didn't end up buying my dress from that first place; It was hard to picture myself getting married in any of them, and what's worse: they all were the type of gowns that you just had to wear a veil with. Anything less would seem out of sync.

However, my dress (how delicious sounding that is) opens up the possibilities beyond a tulle-covered head. Not that I have anything against veils, mind you. I love that the perfect one can create a mysterious aura--you can use it to hide your identity or just give yourself an allure that screams out "I'm the Bride-to-Be!" And I have to admit, I got a little thrill when I tried on some veils with some of the dresses. What girl wouldn't?

But I think, in the end, I'm not really a veil kind of gal. It's fun and all but it seems a little fussier than I'd like. I can see myself getting caught in a door (see image of me, all dressed up, walking away and suddenly flying backwards and smacking my head--and said veil--into the door frame; it's more possible than you realize), getting it caught on something (fuzzies and tears courtesy of my ring or my fingernails) or just plain getting in the way (the wind blows and the veils gets all caught on my lip gloss--what a gooey mess!; it hinders my vision and I trip and fall and there is a trip to the hospital rather than down the aisle; the veil gets caught in some gorgeously lit candles I have on the tables and I go up in a ball of fire--it can happen!). I am far too clumsy for a veil.
So, borrowing more than a little inspiration from Style My Pretty, I give you the alternatives to the veil (and they are all far more me, just like my dress).

Could you just devour this frenzy of feathers? It's such a stunning piece that would be just gorgeous and practical for a summer wedding.
(image from

These are from an etsy seller (did I mention that I just adore etsy for all the crafty wedding related ephemera?) Really pretty and unique (and hey, she's in San Diego as maybe I can get a customized hair piece!)
I love the lightness of this one.

(images by Sweets n Lo)

Who wouldn't love a hat on their wedding day? There's something to be said about English traditions.

(images from Melody)
Gorgeous, no?
So fun and vintagey!
A little something so fun and girly! I'd probably never wear this to my wedding but what a cute piece to have and wear for special occasions (say a rehearsal?)

(images by Satanica)

(image by Tijusai)

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