Monday, September 8, 2008

I dream of red shoes

Gawd, I love a red shoe. You could say I'm obsessed with them. There is something slightly naughty about them that is cute when worn as a flat but turns any woman into a sexy goddess when worn at the highest of heights. Three cheers for red shoes!

(Michael Kors)

(shoes from Nordstrom)

(images from Snippet & Ink)

But I can't fault shoes in other hues that are fun and offer a bit of whimsy like these:
(image from Snippet & Ink)

(image from Lolita*Pop)
Aren't these shoes darling? I adore them. I covet them. I wish they were mine.

(image from os to)
I love silver shoes; they're fun. I own many pairs.

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Savanah said...

I love red shoes..! Got a pair of beautiful red shoes from Nordstrom for my birthday anniversary.