Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Note

This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything wedding related but I had to share: I am in love. With the Boy yes but there is another love that existed well before that one. And that is my love of words. More specifically, the dream of one day owning my very own vintage typewriter. Once, when I was living in England, I visited a tiny village called Topsham and came across the perfect weathered typewriter. It only cost 50 pounds. I adored it. It called to me. I coveted it. And yet, my frugal student self could not part with the said money. More importantly, my practical self knew there was no way I could lug it on the train, take it to the room I rented out of a home for the semester, and then the most serious business of finding a way of transporting it home. *sigh* So I wailed, and declared just how unfair it was that I would not own that typewriter but with tears drying, I said goodbye. Ever since then, I have been--ok, I'll say it--obsessed with the idea of owing one. For what reason? I had great plans to write novels for a living but life interfered and here I am no where closer to that dream. But oh, if I could only own this typewriter, I think I would feel a brainstorm a thundering.

(image from Three Potato Four)

Psst, anyone out there in cyber world, my birthday is coming up in a few months. *hint, hint*

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